With Dubai playing a significant role in international trade and financial services, it is no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly important to develop good relations with the United Arab Emirates and the other Arabian nations. Like most Gulf countries, appearance is a very important factor to take into consideration. In fact, wearing the wrong thing could be considered highly offensive.

Here’s one key advice to visiting business partners: keep most of your body covered, but never adopt native clothing. Some locals may see that as extremely rude. It is also very hot in the UAE, but the climate should not affect your attire choices; your body is still supposed to remain relatively covered. This is due to their strong faith in Islam.

More gender-specific suggestions would include the following:

  • Gaudy and obvious accessories/jewelry should be avoided for men, especially necklaces.
  • Women should avoid pant suits and wear apparel that has a high neckline and sleeves that are no shorter than elbow-length.
  • Scarves might be convenient to carry around in case you are placed in a situation where you need to enter a mosque.